Blanchardstown Area Partnership

Gender Equality Statement

Blanchardstown Area Partnership is committed to the promotion of gender equality and acknowledge the different impacts that policies, programme, and actions have on women and men.

The Partnership recognises that women face barriers and blockages, historical and existing that impede their full inclusion in private and public life. The Partnership’s work to date has illustrated that not all women are affected equally and that specifics grouping of women, for example older women, Traveller women and lone parents, require targeted support through focussed actions to ensure that inequalities are addressed.

The Partnership recognises that equality for women is not a women’s issue. Both men and women can, and do, play a role in addressing inequality and promoting equality. To promote the equal and equitable sharing of caring responsibilities, men also need support and encouragement to balance work and family commitments, in addition, specific grouping of men, such as Traveller men, ex-offenders, and older men, also suffer discrimination that requires targeted support through focused actions.

The Partnership is committed to positive action and other developments to address men and women’s varying needs through new and innovative approaches that are tailored to the local reality in Blanchardstown. In recognition of this, a gender equality perspective is incorporated into the Partnership’s local development plan, Community Development approaches, methodologies and actions will reinforce the Partnership’s approach to gender equality.

Gender Equality Statement: The Partnership as an employer

The Partnership regards equality of opportunity as an essential part of human resource management. While recognising that differences between people must be acknowledged and reasonably accommodated, employment practices must ensure that differences do not lead to discrimination in the workplace.

Men and women want to be assured that, when they apply for work or when they are in employment, factors which are not relevant to their ability to do their job will not adversely affect their career. In addition, a rights basis for equality needs to be supported and complemented by promoting positive attitudes diversity in the workplace

In recent years, a number of other significant measures have been have been introduced to support equality of opportunity within the Blanchardstown Area Partnership. For example, schemes such as flexi-time, part-time work options and the introduction of career breaks and education, training and career development policies to help both men and women balance work and family and other life commitments.

Since 2002 the Partnership has promoted an Equality of Opportunity Policy as part of its full commitment to equality in all its activities. This decision came from the Partnership’s belief and proven experience that equality measures offer opportunities as well as responsibilities. This policy is complemented by a Respect and Dignity policy, which ensures a positive working environment, which will help to tackle any problem which may limit equality of opportunity.
Blanchardstown Area Partnership