Blanchardstown Area Partnership
English Classes
Beginner & Pre-Intermediate Level Courses
aiming to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to communicate at an introductory
level in English, socially and in work related tasks.

Providing the highest standard of training, these courses will allow each person to receive as much info as possible, which will assist participants on to vocational courses, training or employment.
Courses available across Fingal.

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Parenting Courses
Our Parenting Courses are practical and positive courses promoting children's learning and confidence, offering advise on managing emotional/behaviour problems, and focusing on effective communication, problem solving and building positive relationships. They are free courses available to our SICAP target groups.
We currently offer three different courses, based on children's age and development stages.
Early Years - Parents of Children Aged 1 to 6
Parents Plus - Parents of Children Aged 6 to 11
Adolescent - Parents of Children Aged 11 to 16

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We Can Quit
We Can Quit is a free 12-week local community- based programme for women tailored to the
needs of women who want to quit smoking.

Participants will avail of:
Support from their Primacy Care Team 
Weekly group support sessions
Weekly one-to-one support
Telephone smoking cessation support
Support from the community
Network of women who all want to quit
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Healthy Food Made Easy
Six week programme, improving nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of people
within our area. Each session includes nutrition theory and a practical cookery element, with the
emphasis throughout the programme is on group learning rather than formal teaching. 

This course is for anyone who wants to

improve their health, save money and
enjoy preparing and eating delicious food!
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Blanchardstown Area Partnership