Blanchardstown Area Partnership
About BAP
Blanchardstown Area Partnership is a local development company situated in Fingal. The Partnership is responsible for a range of Government funded programmes to meet the needs of individuals, families and community groups in the area. These include the Local Employment Service (LES/JOBLINK), Tús in Dublin 15 and the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) for Fingal.

Blanchardstown Area Partnership was established in November 1995.  Originally located in Main Street, Blanchardstown, the Partnership is

now based in Dillon House in the Coolmine Industrial Estate, Clonsilla.
We also have offices in Parkside, Mulhuddart & Beat Centre, Balbriggan.

The key task of Blanchardstown Area Partnership is to develop initiatives which create positive change in these areas. This leads to social and economic improvements for communities and the people living in them.

Key objectives include:

  • Delivering innovative and effective responses to needs in the area
  • Co-ordinating social inclusion programmes
  • Supporting communities to bring about positive change themselves.
  • Influencing key policy makers and programme funders
The Partnership brings together the community, statutory and social partners; draws up local development plans aimed at reducing disadvantage; supports and monitors the implementation of said plans.

Blanchardstown Area Partnership has managed major Government funded programmes since 1995, and has always maintained excellent management and financial control procedures.  All programmes are approved at Board level, and for multi-annual funded programmes, the annual plan or budget submission is considered by the FGPC, approved by the Board before being submitted to the relevant funding agency.

The Board is made up of Directors from the statutory, community and social partner pillars.  Each Director brings a level of community knowledge, financial or business expertise to the governance of the organisation. An Annual General Meeting is held once every year and the company’s audited accounts and any changes in Directorships are then duly noted to the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

Rotation of Directors at each AGM is on the basis of one-third of members stepping down, and offering themselves for re-election up to a maximum term in accordance with the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the company. New directors are recruited from stakeholders and agencies relevant to and representing our client groups and community directors are elected from our two working groups to the Board. All new directors are approved by the Board.


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Blanchardstown Area Partnership